“Childhood friends Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief have always been passionate about fashion, travel and encounters of all kinds. It was only natural to transform their complementary vision into their own brand: ba&sh. Since its launch in 2003, the line has evolved around the concept of the “ideal wardrobe”: every-day-pieces made of sumptuous fabrics, with the right balance between femininity and sophisticated cuts. Their creations reflect their sensibility: desirable dresses and jumpsuits, essential t-shirts and knitwear perfectly layering with jeans and pants: a display of various prints, precious materials as cotton veil, cashmere and silk, declined in refined shapes.”


“We enjoy clothing, quality built stuff and things that reflect a creative process behind them” Masscob is a duality of two personalities: feminine and masculine. Marga Massanet and Jacobo Cobián. A unique, pragmatic and forceful couple that provide a warmth, romantic and relaxed style to the fashion industry with their savoir faire. The Masscob identity, born in La Coruña (Spain) in 2003, is defined by feminine silhouettes and quality craftsmanship in favor of modern fluidity. Their collections emerge spontaneously from their own personal universe. They just follow their instinct, creating natural elegant forms that has something to do with a vintage feeling and a sense of pride in a job well done. Because for Jacobo and Marga fashion is not all about trends. Their key is harmony… they transform something simple into special. The selection of beautiful fabrics, detailing and colors are the essence of every Masscob’s designs,  that you can wear with older or modern collections. Fashionable and functional collections with a “classic twist” for  modern, stylish, sophisticated women. 

Forte Forte

forte_forte is a collection designed and produced in italy by giada forte and paolo forte: this way, the family name becomes the brand’s name. the two siblings live in great harmony, orchestrating between them very different experiences: giada, the heart and soul of the brand, graduated in knitwear design at nottingham trent university, in england; she worked as a fashion designer in paris and italy.

See By Chloe

  The first See By Chloé collection was introduced for Fall-Winter 2001. The idea of this second ready-to-wear line stemmed from the success of the mainline among younger women. See By Chloé would offer a younger generation of active women attracted and inspired by the Chloé spirit, a youthful and affordable style.

Alexander Wang

In its essence, the Alexander Wang brand’s sensibility is a reflection on contrasts, blending seamlessly between the refined and the imperfect. His collections have an unprecious outlook on fashion, and always reflect a sense of ease. He is renowned for his irreverent approach and for perpetually evolving and re- contextualizing the urban uniform.


TCN is a Spanish brand developed and designed by Totón Comella, a renowned designer in Spain who has been a prominent leader in the fashion industry since the launch of her first collection. TCN launched operations in 1986 with a clear and solid pillar: exquisite designs and high quality in its swimwear collections. Since inception, TCN’s storyline has naturally been the creation of a global brand concept; an intimal sphere to empower a feminine and sensual woman, to enable portraying her beauty through fresh, personal and modern looks. TCN is design and trend, all coming from top-notch teams.

Tete by Odette

The Spanish brand Teté by Odette reflects a mix of ethnic inspirations from different countries around the world. We can find special fabrics, neutral and vibrant colors, which are always present in Tete by Odette’s clothing. Coats, ponchos, jackets, pants, and dresses are part of her collections full of surprises. Materials such as goat hair, fox or coyote skin, and leather are always present and other clothing materials, such as raffia palm, wool, and Indian silk with crystal inlays. The whole collections are an explosion of creativity. All the clothing is manufactured, which makes each piece original. Currently, her clothing items can be bought in Spain, Portugal, Mexico