Cult Gaia

Created in 2012 by Jasmin Larian, Cult Gaia designs beautiful heirloom pieces that will live in your closet forever. The cornerstone of Cult Gaia’s DNA has been forged with the ideal of creating Objets d’ Art that make you look twice. Since its inception, the company has grown from accessories into a full-fledged lifestyle brand.Many of the bags created stand on their own and have a very sculptural quality about them. The design ethos is to make things stand out and turn heads. Pieces should be perfectly imperfect and need to be nuanced to be beautiful, like nature, no two things are ever the same.

Cult Gaia is inspired by nature and women. This is where the brand’s name comes from.  Gaia is the goddess of Mother Earth and the daughter of chaos, the most creative force there is.


Inspired by a scholarship awarded at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Helen O’Connor returned to Australia and established the Thurley label, a name carried in her family for generations. From humble beginnings Thurley has grown at great speed to become one of the most coveted labels in the country.

The first Thurley collection was debuted at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week in 2006 where it received thoroughly celebrated welcome and positive reviews. In 2008, Thurley was a finalist in the prestigious LMFF Designer Award presented by Woolmark and from that foundation the label has continued to develop a strong following and reputation within the local and international industry.

Drawing inspiration from experiences of travel, culture and art, Helen injects Thurley with a strong sense of personality. Each season the collection features timeless pieces that are both modern and classic, specializing in eveningwear with a focus on masterfully embroidered dresses, extravagant outerwear and elegant gowns.

Thurley now presents an entirely new addition to the brand with the introduction of luxurious daywear, wardrobe essentials and accessories.

Sir The Label

SIR is a contemporary women’s wear label that delivers a collection of minimal and simplistic wardrobe essentials and feminine silhouettes. SIR represents separates, intimates and ready-to-wear styles that are confident, distinctive and versatile. The collections draw inspiration from musings past and present to create fashions that reflect the now, but are forever wearable.

“SIR was born from this creative collaborative desire, along with our identification of a gap in the market for basic wardrobe essentials,” explains SIR the Label’s cofounder Sophie Coote. “We design mainly based on what we feel is missing from our own wardrobes.”

Considering the fervour with which the public has accepted the label, it seems that SIR fills a gap in wardrobes the country over. Evolving “organically” from the samples Sophie and her cofounder, Nikkie Campbell, created for their own wardrobes, the first collection was accompanied by careful, considered branding. “Building the brand was of great importance to us, so a lot of time was spent on the aesthetic and marketing of SIR.”

Even before the launch of SIR, both designers had a solid footing in the industry – Sophie has extensive experience in styling and Nikki is well-versed in fashion wholesale – making for the perfect platform from which to launch.

Silvia Tcherassi

A true trailblazer, innovator and trendsetter, Silvia Tcherassi is one of the leading figures in fashion. She has been awarded one of France’s highest honors –the Officier de L’Ordre Arts et Lettres (Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters), a distinction bestowed on leaders of the international arts community for their “contribution and commitment to cultural service.” She took one more step in her creative development opening the first Tcherassi Hotel + Spa in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia in 2009. Both Condé Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure have deemed her luxury Cartagena hotel as one of the best in the world and Vogue regarded it as “the chicest spot for the fashionable flock”.

The pioneer of the Latin flair—according to WWD—was born in Colombia, on the shores of the Caribbean. Tcherassi began her career as an interior designer, but the search for new artistic expressions led her into fashion. Her creations have been presented during the official calendar of Paris and Milano fashion weeks invited as a special guest by their organizers. “Silvia Tcherassi”

collections are available worldwide through some of the most famous multi-brand boutiques and premier online luxury fashion retailers.


MOTHER was founded in 2010 by Lela Becker and Tim Kaeding. With extensive denim backgrounds, they were determined to do it all differently. 

Famous for its irreverent disposition, model cult following, and super-soft fabrics, the boutique made-in-L.A. brand is unique for its genius in keeping an indie spirit while still offering fits and washes that appeal to a wide range of people. Guided by spontaneity, MOTHER has grown into a lifestyle brand with 4 yearly collections expanding across denim, sportswear, outerwear and accessories. The brand evokes the memories and experiences of growing up in California in the 70s – what you were wearing, what you were doing and who you were getting in trouble with. It reflects the freedom to be unfiltered, brazen and above all amusing.

What’s With The Name?

The name MOTHER plays off the idea of duality – it can be nurturing or a cuss. It evokes unconditional love and teenage rebellion all at the same time. The brand’s attitude and collections always present a juxtaposition of hard and soft.

Storytellers at heart, it’s all in the details at MOTHER. From the inspiration behind each season to a language all her own, there is personality to be found in unexpected places. MOTHER tries not to take herself too seriously – and neither should you.

Lisa Marie Fernandez

Lisa Marie Fernandez is a global luxury lifestyle brand that encompasses swimwear, destination wear and active wear. The collection was launched in 2009 by then-fashion editor Lisa Marie Fernandez who pioneered the neoprene trend with Bond girl bikinis and surf-inspired maillots, and introduced meticulous construction and detail to the world of swim. Along with a wider array of swimwear styles, LMF expanded to chic shirtdresses and skirts in 2013; and athleisure in 2014.

LMF is an authentic reflection of the life and style of its founder. Lisa Marie lives her designs, documenting how she wears her swimwear and dresses in her travels around the world. The look is effortlessly glamorous, resonating with the brand’s global clientele who post pictures of themselves everywhere from Tulum to Patmos to Positano with the hashtag #LMFGirlsonHoliday.

LMF pieces are versatile by design. They can go from the beach to the city; everything is meant to be mixed and matched with ease. The label has inspired a wide-ranging cult following of influencers and celebrities that includes Elle Macpherson, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Leandra Medine and Oprah Winfrey.

Though woman-friendly and wearable, LMF has a distinct fashion-forward sensibility. LMF has been featured on the covers of international fashion titles such as Vanity Fair, W Magazine, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, WSJ. Magazine, Vogue UK and Elle UK.

Jerome Dreyfuss

Jérôme Dreyfuss was born in Nancy in 1974. He moved to Paris at the age of 17 to study fashion at l’École Esmode, but left three months later to undertake a work placement at John Galliano. Jérôme launched his debut womenswear collection, Couture à Porter, in 1998, when he was just 23 years old. Bold and elegant, with a quirky sense of humour, it placed the young Paris based designer firmly on the fashion map and prompted the press to pronounce him, “The enfant terrible of French fashion”.

Women first

Jérôme’s debut accessories collection, Roots de Luxe, launched in 2002 to instant critical acclaim. Small yet perfectly formed, the understated yet elegant handbags immediately found a fan base amongst the stylish, young girls of Paris, and the Jérôme Dreyfuss brand was officially launched. Fast-forward eleven years and Jérôme Dreyfuss has cemented his reputation as the go to designer for chic, understated accessories with innovative, heart-warming twists. His bags are designed to ‘perfectly match’ your lifestyle… and are instantly recognisable for their exquisite craftsmanship, generous volumes and clever design details, including multiple straps to allow carrying by hand or over the shoulder, removable wallets, key rings and mini-flashlights to help you find your keys. Jérôme prides himself on working with the world’s finest materials – butter soft calfskin, lambskin, goatskin or reptile skin – to create bags that are adored by women of all ages across the globe. He christens each bag a male name as a reflection of his own personality and the brand’s friendly, down to earth appeal. “I’m the kind of guy who is always making jokes at the office,” Jérôme explains. “I like to laugh, and naming each bag is an extension of my humour.” After all, who could resist the charms of ‘Billy’? Be apart from ‘Edouard’, or fail to be driven wild by ‘Momo’…?

Around the world

Jérôme Dreyfuss’ bags may have found their way onto the arms of the most stylish women in the world, including Julianne Moore, Kiera Knightley, Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Kruger and Jessica Biel to name a few. But for Jérôme spotting someone on the street wearing one of his designs is far more important than a celebrity endorsing it. So what makes a Jérôme Dreyfuss design stand out from the crowd? “I only do what I like,” he states simply. “I work in a really honest way. I don’t follow trends. I’m inspired by my friends and the stylish women I see in the street.”


IRO represents a female and modern silhouette which is a blend of a luxury and casual look. Aside with its passion for excellence and its sense of style, the brand aims at promoting its products’ design and quality, while remaining committed to its clients.

Created in 2005 between Paris and New York, by Arik and Laurent Bitton, two visionary young men who are both passionate about music, architecture and design, IRO offers bold collections.

Open to the world, modern and connected, IRO has been developing a global presence since its creation, though the most selective distributors and its stores all over the world : from the most prestigious Parisian areas, the biggest European capitals such as London, Rome, Brussels, Munich and Copenhagen. The brand has also been expanding in countries such as the United States, Korea, Australia and Canada which are close to the heart before heading towards new horizons.

Dodo Bar Or

Dodo Bar Or launched her brand in September 2014 at the Silencio club in Paris. In all Dodo Bar Or collections the ethnic element is very strong which is inspired by the Middle East, the architecture, interior design, the graphic ornamental shapes, the strong colours that clash and can be found in heritage tiles and the surprising colour combinations, that bounce of each other and create a innovative colour palette.

Dodo knows how to take the culture of the Middle East and combine it with the current trends of the fashion world.It is a combination of the most luxury fabrics and spectacular embroidery and studs that create a whole new language that gives the collections a whole new level and dimension. The brand focuses between cotton made to order Jacquard fabric, specifically designed for Dodo Bar Or, with beautiful Jacquard embroidered designs that creates an effect, were the inside and the outside are both as rich as each other. 

To add to this Dodo adorns the fabric with lace, studs, eyelets and embroidery that creates a rich luxury authentic feel to the fabric and makes the pieces very unique to the language of Dodo Bar Or. This is combined with flowing feminine patterns that is draped to extenuate a women’s body. 

The printed silk fabric is a mix of unexpected clashing colours and patterns, the quilted patterns and colours create a new juxtaposition of prints and colours and the hidden prints in the pleats creates a whole new story. 

Dodo Bar Or is a lifestyle brand that can go from day to night and can be combined with a denim Jacket and a white T-shirt for aRelaxed look or heels for night. it’s versatile, fun and can be taken through all seasons.

Charo Ruiz

Charo Ruiz, daughter and granddaughter of dressmakers, grew up in her native Seville among fabrics and patterns. She began her own career in the industry as a model in the Barcelona of the late seventies, later settling in Ibiza and creating her own workshop and showroom on the island, reinterpreting the concept of Adlib fashion. Her designs are based on a traditional dressmaking process, developing and researching new techniques, patterns and materials; collections that have evolved from season to season into their own brand identity: Charo Ruiz Ibiza.

Faliero Sarti

FALIERO SARTI, founded in 1949, is one of the most famous Italian textile factories. Originally producing only the finest fabrics and yarns for fashion designers the world over, L’Accessorio FALIERO SARTI was established in 1991 to create luxury accessories from the finest raw materials for a larger customer base. Their scarves are irresistible, ever-changing and timelessly luxurious.

Helena Rohner

Helena Rohner The pureness of lines, the simplicity of shapes and the original way to combine silver with surprising materials like porcelain or wood is inherent to Helena Rohner’s jewellery. Jewellery that is recognizable with its serenity and strength of design. Helena’s development in design has been influenced by her surroundings and the people she has collaborated with. Present in her work is the magic of Florence, the vitality of London and the luminosity of Madrid. Creations that go beyond the jewellery world into objects in stoneware and wood, lamps and ultimately.


Jitrois is a French company, founded by Jean-Claude Jitrois in 1981, which specialises in ready to wear luxury leather clothing. Jean-Claude Jitrois is both founder and artistic director of the company. In 1995, Jitrois created a new material – stretch leather, initially using lambskin, which fits to the body like a second skin. Re-launching as Jitrois: le cuir stretch (stretch leather), the new material was developed in conjunction with the chemist company Dupont de Nemours. Expanding the stretch leather technique to python (another world first) and kangaroo (first used in autumn/winter 2005/2006), Jitrois has managed to maintain its position as a cutting edge and innovative couture house. In his Spring/Summer 2008 collection, Jitrois used nubuck python for the first time. Jitrois is now stocked in the world’s most prestigious multi-brand stores around the globe, from Harrods in London, Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong and many, many others.


“Childhood friends Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief have always been passionate about fashion, travel and encounters of all kinds. It was only natural to transform their complementary vision into their own brand: ba&sh. Since its launch in 2003, the line has evolved around the concept of the “ideal wardrobe”: every-day-pieces made of sumptuous fabrics, with the right balance between femininity and sophisticated cuts. Their creations reflect their sensibility: desirable dresses and jumpsuits, essential t-shirts and knitwear perfectly layering with jeans and pants: a display of various prints, precious materials as cotton veil, cashmere and silk, declined in refined shapes.”


“We enjoy clothing, quality built stuff and things that reflect a creative process behind them” Masscob is a duality of two personalities: feminine and masculine. Marga Massanet and Jacobo Cobián. A unique, pragmatic and forceful couple that provide a warmth, romantic and relaxed style to the fashion industry with their savoir faire. The Masscob identity, born in La Coruña (Spain) in 2003, is defined by feminine silhouettes and quality craftsmanship in favor of modern fluidity. Their collections emerge spontaneously from their own personal universe. They just follow their instinct, creating natural elegant forms that has something to do with a vintage feeling and a sense of pride in a job well done. Because for Jacobo and Marga fashion is not all about trends. Their key is harmony… they transform something simple into special. The selection of beautiful fabrics, detailing and colors are the essence of every Masscob’s designs,  that you can wear with older or modern collections. Fashionable and functional collections with a “classic twist” for  modern, stylish, sophisticated women. 

Forte Forte

forte_forte is a collection designed and produced in italy by giada forte and paolo forte: this way, the family name becomes the brand’s name. the two siblings live in great harmony, orchestrating between them very different experiences: giada, the heart and soul of the brand, graduated in knitwear design at nottingham trent university, in england; she worked as a fashion designer in paris and italy.

See By Chloe

  The first See By Chloé collection was introduced for Fall-Winter 2001. The idea of this second ready-to-wear line stemmed from the success of the mainline among younger women. See By Chloé would offer a younger generation of active women attracted and inspired by the Chloé spirit, a youthful and affordable style.