Faliero Sarti

FALIERO SARTI, founded in 1949, is one of the most famous Italian textile factories. Originally producing only the finest fabrics and yarns for fashion designers the world over, L’Accessorio FALIERO SARTI was established in 1991 to create luxury accessories from the finest raw materials for a larger customer base. Their scarves are irresistible, ever-changing and timelessly luxurious.

Helena Rohner

Helena Rohner The pureness of lines, the simplicity of shapes and the original way to combine silver with surprising materials like porcelain or wood is inherent to Helena Rohner’s jewellery. Jewellery that is recognizable with its serenity and strength of design. Helena’s development in design has been influenced by her surroundings and the people she has collaborated with. Present in her work is the magic of Florence, the vitality of London and the luminosity of Madrid. Creations that go beyond the jewellery world into objects in stoneware and wood, lamps and ultimately.


Jitrois is a French company, founded by Jean-Claude Jitrois in 1981, which specialises in ready to wear luxury leather clothing. Jean-Claude Jitrois is both founder and artistic director of the company. In 1995, Jitrois created a new material – stretch leather, initially using lambskin, which fits to the body like a second skin. Re-launching as Jitrois: le cuir stretch (stretch leather), the new material was developed in conjunction with the chemist company Dupont de Nemours. Expanding the stretch leather technique to python (another world first) and kangaroo (first used in autumn/winter 2005/2006), Jitrois has managed to maintain its position as a cutting edge and innovative couture house. In his Spring/Summer 2008 collection, Jitrois used nubuck python for the first time. Jitrois is now stocked in the world’s most prestigious multi-brand stores around the globe, from Harrods in London, Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong and many, many others.